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Residents are advised to thoroughly read the Housing Agreement and be aware of the information before signing the Housing Agreement. When you sign your housing agreement, you accept the conditions and terms set forth by this agreement. Often, residents overlook their responsibility to follow the policies in this agreement and the Bennett Belle Guide to Residential Living and Bennett Belle Book: Student Handbook.

Please read the following information carefully. It contains descriptions of important elements of your Housing Agreement.

Academic year

All residence halls at Bennett College are contracted for the academic year, August to May academic year; therefore, all residents are required to sign this Housing Agreement for Campus Living issued by the College.

Contract Agreement

  1. HOUSING FEE PAYMENT: All returning students are required to make a non-refundable Housing fee payment of $100.00, all new students housing fees are included in the $250 enrollment fee. A limited amount of housing is available for those students requesting on-campus accommodations. Therefore, it is essential that the housing contract be returned to the Office of Campus Life as quickly as is possible. Housing contracts will be accepted on a space-available basis. Contracts that are received after on-campus housing is filled will be placed on the on-campus housing waiting list.
  2. PERIOD OF CONTRACT: This license contract is a binding legal agreement, which details a set of terms and conditions that the resident must follow. Additionally, the resident understands that she is requesting a space and committing to on-campus housing for the academic year of 2016-2017 and maintaining a dining services meal plan (herein referred to as “board”) for the full academic year, OR for that portion of the term which remains as of the date on which this Agreement becomes binding. Meal service may not be available during the breaks identified in the Bennett College Academic Calendar (herein referred to as the “Academic Calendar”). The resident accepts responsibility for the full room and board charges as outlined in the license contract. The resident understands the contract is for both semesters of the academic year (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017). Residents withdrawing from the college will receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of their room and board consistent with the college policy on refunds.
    1. Residents withdrawing from the college during the school year will be held liable for the pro-rated cost of the room and board charges based upon the date they move out of campus housing. This amount may be billed to the resident(s) independent of any college-pro-rated refund.
    2. NO CANCELLATION OF THIS CONTRACT FOR THE FALL SEMESTER WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, NO CANCELLATION OF THIS CONTRACT FOR NEW INCOMING SPRING SEMESTER STUDENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JANUARY 30. Enrolled residents will be responsible for the full cost of room and board for the contract period. Residents deciding not to attend the college after that date will be relieved of the contractual obligations if notification is received in writing.
    3. A new or readmitted resident must take occupancy no later than the first day of orientation or obtain the approval of the Office of Campus Life to move in after that date.
    4. Continuing residents failing to occupy their assigned room within the first week of classes will have their room assignment canceled if written notification is not in the Office of Campus Life by the Monday before the first week of classes. Failure to comply with these requirements will give the College the right to reassign the resident room to another resident.
    5. In order to live in campus housing, a resident must enroll full-time (12 credit hours) for each semester in residence, fall and spring.
    6. Occupancy is defined by issuance of a key to the resident for a specified room and does not require actual physical presence by the student and her possessions. Students do NOT have to “occupy” a space to be financially responsible under this contract.
  3. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: The College acceptance of the application does not guarantee a specific room or roommate assignment. Room assignments are primarily based upon the date of application and the data listed on the contract. Residents currently residing on campus are offered the opportunity to select their housing assignment and potential roommates.
  4. ROOMMATE REQUESTS: Roommate pairing is conducted randomly, however, if you have a roommate request, we will try to honor it. Both parties must request the other person on their housing application and submit forms and non-refundable fees by the application deadline. Specific rooms may not be requested.
  5. TERMS OF CONTRACT: The College reserves the right, upon reasonable notice and for good cause, to:
    1. Cancel the housing agreement or change a resident’s assignment in the interest of health/sanitation, excessive damages, discipline, and administrative expediency or as considered necessary.
    2. Cancel the contracts agreement of residents not making reasonable progress toward completion of a degree.
    3. Cancel the contract of residents declared academically ineligible, causing loss of room assignment.
    4. Cancel the contract of residents who fail to make payment or required charges by announced deadlines.
    5. Cancel the contract of residents who fail to comply with state or federal laws, policies, rules, and regulations as opted by Bennett College.
    6. Charge and collect damage fees for unauthorized use of equipment, building or room alterations, health and safety violations, and for special cleaning necessitated by improper use of rooms, public areas, equipment, damages or vandalism.
    7. Enter the student room as necessary for repairs, inspections and enforcement of college policy or state law.
  6. BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS:The resident agrees to comply with the rules, regulations and conditions as contained in this agreement, together with such rules, regulations and conditions found in the Bennett Belle Book: Student Handbook and the Guide to Residential Living.
  7. CONTRACT RELEASE: Residents may be released from their contractual obligations for on-campus housing without forfeiture of the second semester charges in the following cases:
    1. Withdrawal from the College
    2. Marriage (proof required)
    3. Transfer to another college/university (proof required)
    4. Graduation
  8. VIII. TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS: Some residents may be placed in temporary assignments at the beginning of the year due to incompletion of health forms. All health forms should be received by the health center no later than July 25, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. All health forms received after July 25, 2016 will incur a late fee of $200.00 which will be placed on the student’s account. Any freshwomen residents, who have not completed their health forms by September 6, 2016, will reside in temporary assignments if health forms are not completed before arrival to campus. Once the residents have completed their health forms, they will be notified and moved to permanent assignments as soon as possible, generally by the end of the second week of classes.
  9. CONSOLIDATION: At the beginning of each semester, residents who have no roommate due to cancellation or withdrawal will be assigned another roommate or may be asked to consolidate by moving to another room. Residents who have no roommate due to the aforementioned reasons are to reside on one side of the room as a roommate could be assigned without prior notice from the Office of Campus Life.
  10. SINGLE ROOM OPTION:: When space allows, double rooms may be occupied privately for $707.00 over the regular room rate per semester. Students who reside in a single are required to provide documentation from the Business Office stating financial eligibility. It is practice of Campus Life to utilize space in the residence halls efficiently and through the values of community and building healthy relationships. As such, if a student is granted a request to be moved in a currently unoccupied space, said space is identified as a single room assignment and the student will be billed as such.
  11. ROOM CHANGES: A designed time will be set aside for room changes. These changes will be made through the Office of Campus Life when space is available. A resident may make a maximum of 2 changes per academic year. Any resident making non-approved room changes will be charged a fine of at least $35.00 and these residents may be required to move back to their original room. Check-in and Check-out of your room must be completed through any of the resident assistants (RAs) residing in your building. Failure to check-out through your RA may result in a fine of at least $250.00 for improper Check-out. Access to an assigned room is given to residents only during appropriate time slots which are at the discretion of the Residence Director. Residents are required to vacate their rooms before the designated closing times identified in the Bennett College Academic Calendar (herein referred to as the “Academic Calendar”). Failure to leave the building at the time of closing during break periods can result in a late Check-out charge of $25.00 per hour for each hour the resident is late. Residents do not have access to their rooms during vacation periods when the halls are officially closed.
  12. WAITING LIST: The Office of Campus Life will allow interested students to place their name on a waiting list if the residence halls are full. On-campus housing is not required by the university, guaranteed. As space becomes available, students on the waiting list will be offered on-campus housing.
  13. PERSONAL PROPERTY: The College does not assume responsibility for loss or damage from any cause to the personal property of the resident. It is suggested that the resident consult her insurance agent concerning the availability of protection against such loss. Residents should consider acquiring renter’s insurance to cover personal losses not covered by other forms of insurance.

    If a resident does not move from her room upon the expiration or termination of her Housing Contract, Bennett College reserves the right to appoint college personnel who will remove her personal belongings from the assigned room. In such cases, the College assumes no legal or financial liability for the safety or security of such belongings.
  14. CONTRACT TERMINATION BY THE COLLEGE: Upon reasonable notice, the College reserves the right to terminate this agreement. Examples include but are not limited to:
    1. Failure to make payment of required charges by announced deadlines
    2. Change in student status including academic and disciplinary suspension
    3. Failure to comply with residence hall policies and regulations
    4. Other behaviors negatively impacting other campus residents
    5. Failure to comply with the Bennett Code of Conduct
    Holiday Breaks Halls Close Halls Re-Open
    Thanksgiving Tuesday November 22, 2016, 3pm Sunday November 27, 2016, 12pm
    Winter Break Thursday December 15, 2016, 5pm Wednesday January 5, 2017, 9am
    Spring Break Friday March 3, 2017, 5pm Sunday March 12, 2017 at 12pm

Students are advised to be aware of the following information before signing a housing agreement. When you sign your housing agreement, you accept the conditions and terms set forth by that agreement. Many times students overlook their responsibility to follow the policies in this form and the Bennett Belle Guide to Residential Living and Bennett Belle Book: Student Handbook. This could result in a financial charge and/or disciplinary action.

I acknowledge by my clicking below, I agree to abide by this document. I also acknowledge that by agreeing to the terms and conditions contained herein and by submitting my non-refundable housing application fee payment and/or enrollment fee that I am freely entering into a contract for housing with the Office of Campus Life at Bennett College.

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