Local Churches Unite To Support Bennett College During Special Fundraiser

October 25, 2016

A Special Worship Service for Bennett College sponsored by The Pulpit Forum of Greensboro is scheduled Sunday, November 13, 2016, at 4 p.m. in the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel.

Rev. Dr. Natalie McLean, a 1980 graduate of Bennett College, is the speaker. The Bennett College Choir will also perform during the program.

On Nov. 13, local churches and worship centers affiliated with The Pulpit Forum of Greensboro will lift a special offering during their regular Sunday morning worship services for Bennett College. The pastors/ministers will present these offerings during the 4 p.m. service at Bennett.

"Our convergence on the campus of Bennett College on November 13 represents one of the many convictions that The Pulpit Forum has firmly stood on since its founding nearly 50 years ago,” said Rev. Daran H. Mitchell, Chair of the Forum. “The African-American church has a responsibility to undergird and support institutions of higher learning especially those which had their genesis in the African-American church tradition.”

Mitchell says that the forum views Bennett College as one of Greensboro's treasures!

“When African American churches were apprehensive about welcoming Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to stand in their pulpits, Bennett College open their doors and allowed him a platform and a presence in this city,” said Mitchell. “Because of Bennett's connection to the church and to the historic tapestry of this city and region, it is our duty as the Pulpit Forum to ensure her survival and respond to the cause! We invite the entire city of Greensboro to join us on November 13 to offer thanks and to share gifts of love in support of Bennett College."

The Pulpit Forum of Greensboro is an association of pastors and other clergy in Greensboro and vicinity whose roots historically emanate from the African American faith tradition.

“Our emphasis and focus is threefold: civic engagement, community empowerment, and clergy enrichment,” said Mitchell. “While we are a historically African American faith organization, we welcome brothers and sisters from all faith traditions.”

A representative from the Office of Admissions and a Fellowship Dinner at a cost of $5.00 will be available in the David D. Jones Student Union immediately following the service.

For more information, please contact Rev. Mitchell at 336-274-4670.

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