Information Technology

Telecommunication Services

Welcome to the Telecommunication and Media Services unit of the Department of Information Technology Services. The unit manages telephone services for the entire campus, for faculty, staff and students. These services include lines for telephones, faxes and telephone features. The unit is also responsible for setting-up audio and/or video equipment for college events and external groups renting college facilities and maintaining audio/video equipment and making recommendations to purchase new equipment.


  • Install new telephone services, moves, adds and changes to existing telephone service
  • Voice Mail services: Voice Mail is provided to faculty and Staff
  • Caller ID: Caller ID is provided to employees
  • An online campus directory is made available for faculty, staff and students

Phone System

Cisco IP Phone Tutorials

Residence Halls

Each room has a single telephone jack installed and has both call waiting & Caller ID functionality. Bennett College residents will need to supply an analog telephone for their room. Students who live off campus will not have phone service with the university.

If you need assistance with any telephone service enter a ticket with Information Technology Services.

How to Make Calls from Campus Telephones

  • For on campus calls, dial the appropriate four digit extension
  • For off campus calls, dial 9 + number
  • For emergency assistance, dial 9 + 911
  • To dial a long distance number, dial 9 + 1 + number
  • To use a calling card, dial 9 and follow the instructions on card
  • To dial a collect call, dial 9 + 0 + number or 1 + 800 + collect

Checking Your Own Analog Telephone for Problems

Many times telephone problems may be caused by faulty equipment. Before you submit a repair problem for your telephone line follow these steps:

  • Disconnect all telephones sets on this line
  • Take one telephone set (preferably a regular set that is not cordless) and plug it into the jack and see if this solves the problem
  • If the problem still persists, choose another telephone that is not yours and try it in your jack