Information Technology Services

Rodney Harrigan, Director of Information Technology - 336-517-2295

Mary Stuart, Assistant Director/Database Administrator - - 336-517-2282

William Morris, Assistant Director of Information Technology - - 336-517-2238

The Office of Information Technology Services supports Bennett College students, faculty, and staff in their use of computer technology and Internet for instruction, research, and administrative services. Special focus will be placed on the assessment, selection and provision of computing, networking and telecommunications, and audio/video equipment to the college community.

The offices for Information Technology and Network Services are located in Carnegie Library. Helpdesk Support Services is located on the top floor of Catchings behind the nurses station.

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Helpdesk Support

John Harrington, Helpdesk Technician - - 336-517-2236

Daniel Howard, Helpdesk Technician - - 336-517-2236

Audio-Visual Services

Tony Gallimore, Audio-Visual Engineer - - 336-517-2332