Department of Campus Safety

Motor Vehicle Regulations

The operation of a motor vehicle on the Bennett College campus is a privilege granted by the College to juniors and seniors. Violations of this campus policy may result in the loss of parking privileges. Please refer to the Bennett College Parking and Traffic Handbook for more information.

Bennett College assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle (or the contents of the vehicle) while parked on the campus. Vehicles owned and/or operated by Bennett College employees or students are required to be registered with a current parking permit properly displayed. Students must secure parking permits from Campus Safety. The student parking permit is $60.00 per year and $30.00 for additional permit. Bennett College employees are to secure permits from Campus Safety between 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. Motor vehicles must be registered within 72 hours after the official beginning of classes for the academic year. Motor vehicles acquired during any part of any semester must be properly registered within 72 hours. Visitors may secure visitor passes in the Campus Safety Office.

Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements

In order to register motor vehicles, an applicant must present:

  1. Valid Driver’s License
  2. Bennett College ID
  3. Registration Card
  4. Name, address & policy number of the insurance company (North Carolina law requires collision and liability insurance).

Individuals with outstanding parking tickets are not able to register their vehicles on campus.

Permit Display

The Official College Permit (decal) must be displayed in the designated location preferably the rear window driver’s side at the bottom. Permits are not transferable and must be removed from the vehicle immediately upon change of ownership, or as soon as the registrant is no longer connected with the College.

Regulations for Moving Vehicles

  1. At no time should the speed limit on campus exceed 5 m.p.h.
  2. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
  3. The following are traffic violations:
    1. excessive noise by vehicles
    2. driving while under the influence of alcohol
    3. reckless driving
    4. faulty lights
    5. faulty mufflers
    6. speeding
    7. driving on lawns not specifically designated as parking areas.

Moving (Civil) Motor Vehicles Infractions

As authorized by the Director, the Department of Campus Safety Officers is authorized to stop vehicles on Bennett College campus for moving civil and criminal infractions. Citations issued are not state citations and therefore does not affect one’s insurance. Excessive moving violations may result in having a motor vehicle on campus revoked. The operator of that vehicle is responsible for the issued citation. All citations issued to a vehicle counts towards that particular vehicle’s “total citations” received for the season. Examples of moving civil infractions include, but are not limited to: excessive speed driving thru campus and operating a vehicle where it is not intended for vehicle travel (fields, grass, sidewalks and etc.)


Parking violations are from $25 to $100 depending on the violation. Basic parking violations are $25, moving violations are $50 and handicapped violations are $250. The following are examples of parking violations and associated fines:

Handicap Violation: $250
Reserved Parking: $25
Double Parked: $25
Fire Lane: $25
Immobilized Vehicle: $25
Littering: $25
Unauthorized Parking: $25
Speeding and Reckless Driving: $50
Unregistered Vehicle: $25
Failure to Comply: $25
Invalid License Plate: $25
Parked on Grass: $25

Fines must be received by the OFFICE OF FISCAL AFFAIRS within 14 days of this citation. Appeals must be received by the Director of Campus Safety within 7 days!

Note: If you loan your vehicle to someone and they illegally park, it is the registered owner’s responsibility to pay and/or make arrangements to appeal the citation. The owner is determined by the displayed current year parking permit.

Penalties for Violation of Parking Regulations

Tickets for violations vary depending on the violation and fines are payable within fourteen (14) days. Student fines not paid within that time period will be automatically billed to the student’s account with an additional penalty for failure to pay within fourteen (14) days.

Cars parked in restricted or prohibited areas are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Consortium Students

Any Bennett College student who has a registered vehicle and is taking courses on another campus may obtain the consortium decal from the Campus Safety Office. The sticker is to be displayed inside the left rear window behind the driver.