Academics at Bennett

The Bennett College undergraduate majors and minors are organized within three divisions:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences and Education
  • Natural and Behavioral Sciences/Mathematics

The requirements for each major and minor are described in the College Catalog.

Majors, Minors and Concentrations

Students pursuing the B.A. or the B.S. degree select a major and complete departmental requirements for that major. A student may also select a minor area of study along with her major. A total of 18 credit hours must be earned to satisfy requirements for a minor in selected disciplines. An interdisciplinary concentration is required for the degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. A total of 24 credit hours constitutes a concentration.

Double Majors

Students who wish to pursue a double major must complete all General Education courses AND all requirements for both major areas. Double majors must be approved by department chairs from both major areas and the Vice President for Academic Affairs by completing a double major form.


Several programs are offered at Bennett College, including:

Student Responsibility

Each student is responsible for the proper completion of her academic program as based on the requirements stated in the College Catalog. The assigned faculty advisor is available for consultation, but responsibility remains with the student. Additional advising assistance is available through the Bennett College Center Institute for Academic Success.